PoolTechnics intends to use this web site to meet the information requirements of modern consumers, swimming pool constructors and distributors. The web site makes it possible to provide a good impression of the various swimming pool covers and their specific advantages by using a great deal of (technical) information, clear illustrations and photo material. Click on the points of sale tab to see where the PoolTechnics swimming pool covers are available at a glance.
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Pooltechnics B.V.
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5145 PE Waalwijk
+31 (0)416 561888
CoC: 18045839 

PoolTechnics has been developing high quality swimming pool covers and solar heating, for both the domestic and commercial markets, since 1978. Energy efficiency and safety are core features. A PoolTechnics swimming pool cover heats, insulates and reduces maintenance. It also enhances the safety of children and animals. Moreover, PoolTechnics swimming pool covers and rollers are very striking. In short, a choice that deserves attention. This will allow you to continue enjoying it, even if it is not swimming weather.